Month: November 2014

Effective Altruism

  In my Global Engagement class, we watched the TED Talk “The Why and How of Effective Altruism” by Peter Singer, where Singer discusses the importance of charity and the ways in which to do it effectively. My main agreement with Singer’s argument is that it is important to help and empathize with others, but this is so much more easily… Read more →


With traveling abroad, I am most fearful of the painful longing I will have to experience more of the world after I have finally seen a small part of it. It seems that most everyone in our class has been abroad at least once, and I have not yet. All of my family lives here in Oklahoma, and anytime we… Read more →

Where Do I Go?

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the students who had traveled to so many places and who were so cultured and experienced. They are who I look up to and who I hope to become one day. They were very encouraging when we expressed our worries about the future and the fact that we had not yet figured out where we… Read more →

Studying Abroad

  I feel very overwhelmed by everything I have learned and become aware of because of my Global Engagement class in terms of studying abroad. One of my most firm beliefs is that it is incredibly important to experience things first hand and that that is the only way to truly understand them. Going into this, I was very excited at the… Read more →

Perspectives on the United States

I have been viewing clips and reading articles about foreign perspectives on the United States (by people who have traveled here) in both my Global Engagement class and my Understanding the Global Community lecture, and the comments that affected me most were the ones made by our four international student guests last week. They mentioned things that I expected, such as… Read more →

International Clubs & Languages

A few of OU’s international groups that I’m most interested in joining are the International Business Association, the International Advisory Committee, and Spanish Club. Right now, I’m still a little shaky on exactly what I want to major in. I’m considering International Studies and Environmental Science. What I know for sure is that I want lots of experience and coursework… Read more →


Undoubtedly, I have been very limited in the number and range of stories I have heard. Most of my influence has been what is immediately available to me – family, friends, school, television, and the ideologies of the majority of people in Oklahoma (where I was born and have lived my entire life). Luckily, I’ve found outlets to connect myself… Read more →