Month: March 2016

The Predominant Voice

Here at OU and many other large universities, the political, academic, and legal authority is held by many different groups of people, but who, precisely, should have the final say in issues regarding the following topics? Hiring faculty Creating/revising curriculum Deciding undergraduate admission Determining faculty workload Making tenure decisions Dealing with student misconduct And ultimately, what voices should predominate the… Read more →

Life (Abridged)

Sometimes, very briefly, I forget that life (“real life”) outside of college will be much more volatile than the buffered life inside of college. I imagine myself completing my bachelor’s degree and going on to get a Master’s degree and possibly a PhD, and during these upcoming years of further schooling, I do not think that I will be exposed… Read more →

We Are All Stardust

As I am not a minority race in the United States, I feel shameful in trying to discuss racial discrimination and its prevalence. In my mind, my doing so is comparable to the offspring of Nazi soldiers attempting to describe the struggles of holocaust victims’ offspring. I simply have no credibility here because I have not faced the kind of… Read more →