Month: April 2016

El fin

  Two weeks ago, Spanish Club had its final meeting, and for me, it was bittersweet because I won’t be able to hold an officer position next year. I’ll be studying abroad at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador for two semesters (yay!), and so we are in the process of selecting all new officers for the… Read more →

The World’s Knowledge

Existing in the world today is a plethora of knowledge, discoveries, research, cultures, and ideas. Many of these things such as crucially important historical documents, original pieces of art, literary works, and research are stored in museums and libraries all over the world. They are preserved so that current generations and future posterity can learn from them and analyze them,… Read more →

Disruptive Innovation

When small companies create and offer products that are similar, cheaper, and more easily accessible than the products of large companies, these small companies are doing a great service to people who cannot obtain or pay for the services that the large companies are offering at higher prices. This is disruptive innovation, and it is basically synonymous with ‘change’ and… Read more →