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Sour Rain

A few weeks ago, I attended a full-day symposium in the Beaird Lounge of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. The topic was the Chernobyl disaster that occurred in Pripyat, Ukraine, in 1986. My Spanish professor, an Austria native, presented a roughly 20-minute story about her life before, during, and after the disaster. She recalled growing up in her home city, brave… Read more →

El fin

  Two weeks ago, Spanish Club had its final meeting, and for me, it was bittersweet because I won’t be able to hold an officer position next year. I’ll be studying abroad at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador for two semesters (yay!), and so we are in the process of selecting all new officers for the… Read more →

Spanish Club Tomatina

In 1945 Spain, someone fell from a parade float and, in anger, began throwing tomatoes at bystanders. This is the condensed version of the history of Tomatina, but I think it’s sufficient. Since then, ‘La Tomatina’ has become a yearly festival held in Buñol, Spain, where people pelt one another with tomatoes for however long they want, covering the streets and… Read more →

Tierra Tinta + Encouragement

A few weeks ago, OU held an event called Tierra Tinta where Spanish graduate and PhD students gathered to present research that they had done on various topics. I went in the morning and listened to a presentation about the opinions of modern Mexican literature in the 21st century. Everything – and I mean everything – was in Spanish. Now,… Read more →

Cooking with Xuelian

A few weeks ago, I contacted my OU Cousin with the intention of catching up. We text intermittently, but for about six months, we hadn’t seen each other at all, and I hate that. It seems like convenience wins over everything, and because we never bump into one another on campus or happen to both be studying in the library,… Read more →

Spanish Club

  A few weeks ago I went to a meeting held by OU’s Spanish Club. We discussed plans for the year, and my friend and I met three Korean students who, along with their biochemistry degrees, were pursuing Spanish fluency. We spoke with them for awhile before it was time for the conversation segment of the meeting, hosted by Professor… Read more →