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No Naps!

Spring semester is already a lot of work, but it is equally exciting: I’m taking botany, which directly relates to my major, and it is definitely one of my favorite classes, along with Spanish. Because I have several recitations and labs now, I’m much busier than last semester, but I find that I enjoy it, and along with having great… Read more →

She Was Born in Saigon, Vietnam

Because I have not yet been abroad, chronicling an international experience for my digital story would have been impossible, even though I would have loved to do just that. Instead, I decided to tell a story that is little closer to me. My friend’s mother was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and after spending her entire life there, she immigrated to… Read more →

Bathing Without Water

       Our Global Engagement class was given a handful of TED talks to watch and write about, and I chose Ludwick Marshane’s “A Bath Without Water.” Before beginning the video, I assumed that it would be touching on the extreme water scarcity in many developing countries; however, instead, it chronicled Marshane’s journey to inventing and distributing “DryBath,” a… Read more →

End-of-Semester Blues

It’s overwhelming to me, but the semester officially ends in under two weeks, and I have no idea how it went by so quickly or why it feels like I was just moving into my snug dorm room a few weeks ago. Right now, I’m procrasti—studying for my finals and, of course, supplementing this with Netflix, four-hour naps (they might… Read more →