Model UN

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attending the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly

Two Mondays ago I went to a Model UN meeting in Farzaneh Hall. The other participants, all committed members, were preparing for a conference in Missouri. I’d been invited by a work colleague to test the waters and see if I was interested. We were divided into two countries, Japan and Iraq, and then into governmental departments like security, economics, social welfare, trade, etc. After discussing strategy and hotel room assignments, I realized that I couldn’t commit to Model UN. As fun as it sounded, I’m more interested in being the force behind negotiations (ie, a military task force) than the one discussing said negotiations. Nonetheless, the meeting was fun and informative, and in just that hour I learned more about the United Nations and its responsibilities. My interest in international security has never faltered, and this Model UN meeting helped confirm that interest.

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