Where Do I Go?


I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the students who had traveled to so many places and who were so cultured and experienced. They are who I look up to and who I hope to become one day. They were very encouraging when we expressed our worries about the future and the fact that we had not yet figured out where we wanted to go or even what we wanted to do with our lives. Most of them explained that they did not know either and that that can often be the fun of it all; it reminds me of what you said on my previous reflection. There isn’t any “right” place to go. We will have an enriching and exciting experience no matter where we decide to go, and that has helped ease a lot of my stress.

In terms of studying abroad, I am most fearful of my own inexperience. I don’t want to traipse in and, in the overwhelming and new place, make a fool of myself, but that may be an inevitable event that I will have to accept and learn from. I plan to do a lot of studying about wherever I plan to go BEFORE I go to hopefully avert any major miscommunications. In terms of race and gender, those are aspects of me that I really can’t hide, so I’ll just have to be aware and careful depending on where I am. And in terms of religion, I find it easier to keep quiet about it unless it is explicitly asked or brought up. Even then, I’m careful around the subject since it is so sensitive.

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