International Clubs & Languages


A few of OU’s international groups that I’m most interested in joining are the International Business Association, the International Advisory Committee, and Spanish Club. Right now, I’m still a little shaky on exactly what I want to major in. I’m considering International Studies and Environmental Science. What I know for sure is that I want lots of experience and coursework with the international college, and I know that getting involved with these clubs will enhance what I’m learning in class.

After taking a couple of Spanish classes in high school, I was never able to do much with what I’d learned. I could conjugate most verbs, but I couldn’t order lunch or have a basic conversation with someone, and so after seeing no progress in my language learning, I gave up on it. However, this year I’ve begun Spanish all over again, and in just two and a half weeks, I’ve completely fallen in love with the language and the culture all over again. My teacher is amazing, and instead of leaving us to do bookwork in class, she speaks to us in Spanish every day, encouraging us to respond to her and to carefully listen and comprehend what she’s saying. I’ve learned more speaking skills in her class in two weeks than I ever did in my high school classes. It’s so exciting to me, and it has actually prompted me to decide to minor in Spanish language. I feel so passionate about language learning, especially with my newfound desire to learn about the cultures of the world.

I think the International Business Association will give me a better idea of what international business is like and if it’s the right career path for me. I’ve heard that people who work in international business are normally those who are already well traveled, cultured and multilingual, so I feel like I may never be good enough to do something like that, but despite those thoughts, I plan to study and immerse myself in what I do have here at OU and gather what I can to make myself more competitive and more prepared for the possibility of that kind of work.

The International Advisory Committee seems to be very in line with the kinds of things I’ll be doing as a Global Fellow with OU: Getting involved with international events and students, helping to promote global awareness among students and teachers here on campus, planning events for students of different cultures to engage with one another and learn from each other, and keeping up to date with international issues and affairs, which I’m more than happy to do.

I definitely think that I can get a lot from OU. I’m most interested in language practice and meeting foreign friends. Along with the clubs, being so involved with the College of International Studies will definitely help me gain more perspective and understanding of the world, and I’m already so excited for the rest of the year.

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