Little Peru

Machu Picchu, lost city of the Incas, Cuzco, Peru. Image shot 05/2013. Exact date unknown.


So, it’s official!!! I’ve paid my deposit and will be going to Peru this summer with OU’s Journey Program. I am indescribably excited, and it’s not just because I’m going to visit Machu Picchu and eat delicious seafood and go hiking through the Amazon rainforest. This will be my first experience outside of the United States, so this is incredible and unbelievable, and even though I still have an entire semester of school and work and obligations ahead of me, I am already ready to board the plane and jump head first into this adventure. I’m grateful to be able to go, to have this opportunity, and to have already met a handful of my journey companions at a ‘Study Abroad in Latin America’ information session in Hester Hall. I met a girl who is equally excited about this, and we have unofficially declared ourselves exploring buddies, vowing to go on mini-excursions where we only speak Spanish and try odd foods like guinea pig and get lost (though not for too long) in the beautiful country. I still have plenty of preparing to do, such as getting my money converted and deciding what to pack, but I feel anything but stressed about this. I know that many other fellows have shared posts and expressed their anxiety about studying abroad, for a plethora of reasons, including not knowing where they wanted to go, not being sure of what to bring, and just being in a new place on their own, and that all makes sense. I’m working on applying to study in Latin America for the entirety of my junior year, so I will very much be in that position soon, but for now, I’m so, so, so, so, so excited for this summer.


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