The Day of Arrival

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 – 1:10 A.M.

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in pure silence (save for the padded clicks of my keyboard) in my new bedroom. I am in Ecuador. I am finally here.

The plane ride from Houston to Quito was very uneventful. I listened to the same twenty or so songs over and over again (thanks, Apple, for making it impossible to sync your iPhone with a new computer without losing all of your music. Okay, this is actually my fault, but still) and stared out the window, leaning my head against the hard plastic frame as I watched the billowy clouds and the navy blue expanse of ocean below.

I felt so tranquil the entire time, which surprised me and still surprises me as I sit here typing, still calm and rational. Several times, I caught myself smiling at the window and breathing deeply and letting the reality of this adventure sink in. It is so surreal. To those of you (Global Fellows, in particular) who are planning a semester or year abroad, you must accept the fact that you can never prepare yourself for how you are going to feel when you step off the plane in your new country. You cannot prepare for the way your stomach will feel a little tight as you collect your luggage from the baggage claim or how you’ll catch your breath when you see your host family waiting for you or even the way your body will finally relax when you’re in your bedroom after hours and hours of traveling.

Obviously, I am no pro at this. I’ve only just begun, and as I sit here at my little desk in my bedroom in Ecuador, I feel so fulfilled. I– I just can’t properly articulate how I feel. I’ve only met two members of my family thus far, as I arrived when the others had gone to sleep, and I spoke Spanish with them. Again, I am no pro at this. I tried my best, and they were so kind as to use gestures and emote to extremes to help me understand. But it is so incredible that this is finally happening.

It’s just past 2:00 in the morning, so I’m going to fall asleep now. Until later!

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