Bathing Without Water

ludwick-marishane-drybath-elite-daily       Our Global Engagement class was given a handful of TED talks to watch and write about, and I chose Ludwick Marshane’s “A Bath Without Water.” Before beginning the video, I assumed that it would be touching on the extreme water scarcity in many developing countries; however, instead, it chronicled Marshane’s journey to inventing and distributing “DryBath,” a lotion that, once rubbed into the skin, dissolves dirt and grime and moisturizes. I am so in awe of the product that Marshane invented, and I wonder why I haven’t heard of it until now.

I think it’s especially notable that Marshane actually lived in Africa (Limpopo) and was initially poor and seemingly not in a position to be doing something like he did, but it seems that the people who do the greatest things are those who are first faced with major adversity. I would love to see how his product has helped people, as he mentioned that obtaining water could be very difficult for people in poor, rural areas. He brought up the fact that huge amounts of water and time were being saved when people used his waterless bathing option.

I was especially upset when he mentioned the infection “trachoma,” where unwashed eyes become infected and may become blinded. Everything we’ve seen and talked about in this class has made me constantly more aware and more appreciative of the life I have here in the United States. I hate that people are helplessly plagued with disease and famine and that there is no easy way to fix it. I want to do something, but I don’t know how to make a real impact without actually going there or donating money, both of which are difficult options if I am to successfully complete college (which is a selfish thought, I suppose); however, my interest in the environment and my goal of getting my degree in environmental science will ultimately give me the knowledge and ability to truly help not just those in developing countries, but also the rest of the world. Initially, I thought I might want to work for the EPA, but I think it focuses mainly on the United States, and I would like to work in developing countries too.

Marshane’s amazing accomplishments motivate me to continue working harder in school and to keep myself aware of international issues so that I may incorporate them into my studies and help work towards a solution in the future.

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