Bingo Night with Xuelian!


A few weeks ago, OU Cousins hosted a Bingo Night at the Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center, and I went with Xuelian. There were quite a few people there, and we were able to catch up and discuss how our semesters were going as well as plans we had for the summer. She will be staying here in Norman with her friends, which is great news, because I will also be here to take a few classes. I’m hoping that we can get together a few times, as we were both very busy for the majority of this semester, so it was difficult to spend time together. I’m optimistic about this summer and the upcoming fall semester, though, as I’ll be living in an apartment with a few roommates, and I think this new flexibility will be great. I will definitely be inviting Xuelian over to meet my friends and try some of the food we like.

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