No Naps!


Spring semester is already a lot of work, but it is equally exciting: I’m taking botany, which directly relates to my major, and it is definitely one of my favorite classes, along with Spanish. Because I have several recitations and labs now, I’m much busier than last semester, but I find that I enjoy it, and along with having great classes, I’ve been accepted onto the International Advisory Committee, which is a program at OU that coordinates all the international organizations and helps to represent international students. I’ve also become an official member of Spanish Club, and I’m hoping to find an environmental club as well.

Interestingly, I have not taken a single nap this semester and have instead worked to keep myself on a consistent schedule, which has been amazing, to say the least. I feel better, I’m more motivated, and I’m happier. I’m hoping to post more often, and hopefully I’ll be planning my first study abroad trip soon, and I’ll have much to say about it.

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